Let’s Try This Again Shall We?

After starting this blog more than five years ago, I am writing my first post again for the first time. Did you get that? Yeah, if it confuses you, how do you think I feel?

I’ve had my fair share of pain, ups & downs, high & lows, and everything else you can think of since I started down the internet marketing path in 2009. Things were different back than. Local business marketing was a brand new concept, and it was being flooded by affiliate marketing rejects – which is why I got involved!

I couldn’t sell anything online to anybody, even if they wanted it! That was when I decided to start selling the skills I had developed, screwing around online, to local businesses. I had just transitioned over from selling financial services face-to-face in kitchen-table appointments to middle-market America, otherwise known as direct selling, and I figured this internet thing was going to be a breeze. If I had known what direct marketing was at the time, I think I would’ve made an easier transition; but I didn’t bother to explore that avenue, and instead, dove head first into a beast I knew nothing about.

My first mentor was Stephen Pierce, remember him? He spoke like Tony Robbins, but geared everything towards internet marketing. I personally believe the guy was a genius, but there’s a reason why he’s no longer mentioned among the top marketers today. I do not know what those reasons are, but nothing happens just because – things happen . . . just. That’s my little spin on an old Jim Rohn quote, but be that as it may, Mr. Pierce helped me get a better understanding of just how the internet was working at the time.

I signed up with Facebook, which was just starting to gain traction. Back then, you could visit authority fan pages, and actually go through all the profiles of people who liked a page – how awesome was that?!! Of course that option is no longer available, but then again, so many other things are gone as well.

Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Google Wave, were all the hype at that time. I plunked down about $1,000 of my hard-earned cash with a “Google Guru,” who I will not mention because it’s more embarrassing for me than anything else, and that guy had me convinced that these products were the wave of the future. Today, the technology they were based on has helped form many of the products available today, like Google+ and the commenting system used in YouTube, but as for the products themselves – well, they’re all gone.

Leslie Rhodes and Dan Thies were the go-to guys for SEO back then, with their Link Liberation course; and they had a good idea of where it was going at the time. As I think back on what they taught, the honest truth is, if I had continued using their teachings, I would probably be a lot further along at this point in time. Which is a little wisdom for you young’ins – when you decide on a mentor you want to learn from, go out and implement what you learn; and add to it – do not stray away from it – unless you have proof their teachings are not sound. Today I think they work more with Pay Per Click than SEO, how ironic is that?

If you stay in this game long enough, you find that everything is one symbiotic whole. SEO done at a high level works best with PPC, because you can see which key phrases actually pull the most traffic with ads. Once you know which ads pull the best, and which keywords drive the most people, you can take all that information to your SEO campaign and Hulk-smash it! You then take all your results and post it all over social media, driving that traffic back to your web properties, and on and on we go.

The local marketing game is saturated with part-time players, and hucksters, all looking to make a buck. I guess this is what the gold rush in 1849 must’ve looked like – everybody looking to get a little bit of the pie. I believe there’s enough to go around, and it’s why I’m starting my blog up again. Having been around for a number of years, I figure I know enough to spread some wisdom around to the newbies just getting in, give a shout-out to the people still in the game killing it, and point a finger at those who had us believe in castles-in-the-sky that not only were never there, but had no chance of ever being there.

This blog will cover local marketing, but it will also cover SEO, PPC (at least what I know about it), social media, selling, video, basketball, pool, beer, and just about anything I want to talk about I guess. If that suits you, I’d love nothing more than to believe I have something you want to know about. If that’s the case – enjoy . . .